Starting our second year at Hilton Head

We have been here over a year now, and the local annual cycle has started to repeat. The SERG booklets that offer two-for-one discounts came out awhile ago and everyone is hurrying to use them before they expire at the end of February. And last night, just like last year, Suzanne treated her entire staff to the annual Crew Team benefit dinner. The HHI Crew team is a rowing team for local high school students and this is one of their big fund-raisers. (In the midwest the high school sports teams are football and baseball; here it's rowing and lacrosse.) The entrance ticket includes a buffet dinner and a bingo card. To support the cause more, you can buy drinks and 10 additional bingo cards. The bingo games had some nice prizes and we won one game! But after that we called it quits; we were really tired, and I had to work today.

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