Orlando area

We haven't spent much time in Orlando, but we have seen a bit of the area around it. Mostly the toll roads. This, I think, is the official sign of Orlando:
Orlando has turned every major (and some minor) road into a toll road. I think there are some places you really can't get to without going on a toll road, and when you can avoid them, it doubles the miles and time.

Another surprise was how rural it is here. It is very common to see a herd of cattle grazing right next to the main highways.

In one area we see wild turkeys every day! They stay a little further away from the road. Good thing - we think about Thanksgiving dinner every time we see them.

We haven't been to Disney yet, but there is no mistaking the impact Disney has on Orlando. They even have their own power line poles.

And it's easy to see why Andy's wallpaper in Toy Story looks like it does. Here in Orlando, tall, fluffy clouds with flat bottoms line up every afternoon. 
The reason we haven't been to Disney or anywhere else fun in Orlando is because the work at this campground turned out to be full-time jobs. This is a beautiful park but the grounds are very high maintenance, and by the end of our shifts we are pretty much worn out. We came to Florida to look for a little house and soon realized that this job won't allow us to do that. Randy gave notice about 5 weeks ago; it took me a little longer to catch on, but I did and gave 3 weeks notice. And it's the right thing to do; when we wanted to investigate a place near Donna and Pete, we had to take the day off to do it. Management was accommodating, but we can't do that every week. With the extended notice, they were able to find someone, so the park won't be impacted. Our replacements pulled into the park today, so Sunday we will head to Ruskin. It's close to the Tampa area, which is one area we want to investigate as a possible home. 

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