Rural King

This is the first place we found a Rural King store, although they are in several states. It's a big store that sells work clothes, lawn and garden supplies, power tools, fencing, and all things hunting, including guns. They are so rural that they sell live chicks - not just at Easter, but all the time. These are "Red Sexlink' chicks. That's a funny name for a chicken, but these were bred so that boy chicks are one color and girl chicks are another, which makes it a lot easier to tell which kind of chick you have. These are girl chicks, aka pullets. I guess their wing feathers are about to show up, which makes them look like they are wearing mittens on their stubby little wings.
Rural King also sells a limited range of groceries, including something that only the South could come up with - Microwave Pork Rinds. I didn't feel like trying these.
But the best thing about shopping at Rural King is that they pop fresh popcorn all day, and give out free bags to all their customers! 

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