Breakfast of Champions

Little Julienne's arthritis has been acting up, making her want to sit around and not do much. I thought we should give her a little bit of aspirin but when we checked with our Illinois vet, he said glucosamine would be more effective and less dangerous. So glucosamine it is. Now every morning she gets a special breakfast. It starts with her anti-seizure medicine, which she has been taking every day since September, 2013
Then we add a little ground-up glucosamine. Randy used his lightweight cooking scale to determine the dosage, and it turns out to be a "pinch", according to the cutesy measuring spoons we never thought we'd find a use for.
Then a little olive oil, because olive oil is good for everyone and mixes everything together.
And lately we have a couple more things to add. This week we took her to a local vet and he prescribed some pills to help manage the pain as her joints heal. So one half of a round pill,
and one half of a long pill (she gets the other halves at night).
The olive oil probably tastes ok and the seizure med is butterscotch-vanilla flavored, but I imagine the glucosamine and pills taste awful. So to encourage consumption, we add a bit of a treat. (Plus, treats were the only way Julienne accepted getting her meds for since 2013, so I don't think we can quit now). 
Since we can't play favorites, Shorty gets a striped down version - just olive oil and treat. And then they both enjoy their breakfast!

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