Lakeridge Winery

There is a local winery that we pass sometimes, and today seemed like a good time to stop and take the tour. It's a small tour, but then it's a small winery. The original tank they used, a coverted milk tank, is still in use.
Of course, there are a lot of other, newer tanks. This area is deserted today; the machines are shut down so the area can be cleaned and roped off, in preparation for the big wine festival this weekend. 

As a small winery, they have kept some older traditions, such as using corks. I am not much of a wine-lover, but I do like this.
Outside was the vineyard, stretching down a slight hill. But this isn't harvest season; it's barely growing season. So the wine trellises are bare right now.
After the short tour we went inside for wine-tasting. They offered 12 samples, and some of them were pretty good. Randy picked out some good ones for us, along with a nice port for himself. Nice place!

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