One last time at Disney Taste and Wine

Soon the Taste and Wine Festival will be over, and there were just a few things left that we wanted to try. We started with Mojo Pork with black beans, cilantro rice and pickled red onions, from the Islands of the Caribbean. It was good, but Randy liked it better than I did. 
We had tried French before but Randy thought the Croissant aux Escargots might be good. The pastry was good...
While we were there we wanted the acrobat's act. Both actors are good and act like they are having a pretty good time.
More eats were waiting: Piggy Wings from Flavors from the Fire were good, but the Loaded Mac N Cheese from Active Eats was a very small portion. 

We rounded out the day at Mexican Pavilion, inside the big pyramid. Inside is a Mexican Market, a restaurant, and a slow water ride with short videos of cartoon characters Panchito, Jose Carioca and Donald Duck. Some of the ride scenes are similar to "It's a Small World". I thought it was cut that the lights that mimic fireworks on the ceiling look just like the painting on black velvet that they sell in Mexican tourist shops. 
On the way out we finally found the Patagonia stand! That was the last one on our list - a beef skewer that was pretty good. 

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