The Grand Floridian

We went to Epcot on December 15th and were glad to see that, in this age of total political correctness, singers still sing Christmas songs. Not just "Jingle Bells" kinds of songs, but "The First Noel" kinds of songs.
We went to the Grand Floridian Hotel, one of the best Disney hotels, to see how they decorated for Christmas. Their lobby Christmas tree is 2 stories tall!
Just lovely. And at the end of the lobby is an amazing, almost life-size gingerbread house. 
The attention to detail on this is just wonderful!
The windows are are decorated with sugar flowers and sugar pictures.
And what do they do with all this after Christmas? They take it out to a farm, tear it apart, and feed it to the bees.

In another area are some wonderful sugar creations by the Grand Floridian chefs. 
After we enjoyed looking around the hotel, we went to the Wedding Pavilion, which is on the same property. One of the selling points for having your wedding there is the picturesque view of Cinderella's Castle, over in the Magic Kingdom, through the center window. It may show up in wedding photos but it's so far off I don't see how. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful chapel.
Next we checked out the Christmas tree in the Polynesian hotel, then headed home, stopping at Giordano's pizza in Kissemmee on the way. They make it to order, which takes 45 minutes, but honestly it seemed about as good as the one we had in Chicago. 
A couple of days later we took the boat out. This is one of the things we love about Florida - Christmas is still a great time for a boat ride!
And even though it's warm enough to enjoy the outside, there is an occasional tree that, in sympathy for it's northern neighbors, turns a gorgeous shade of red. The best of everything!

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