Alexander Springs

Thursday we waited for Izzy to wake up; that happened between 10 and 11! But that doesn't matter when there's no schedule to keep. We all donned swimsuits and went to Alexander Springs. The water there stays a cool 72 degrees, which is too cool for me so I stayed on solid ground, taking photos.
But Randy and Aaron got right in and went swimming. Izzy tried it, came back to the picnic tables and played awhile, then decided that getting some shells would be worth getting in the water. 
She collected several before we packed up and drove back home. Then we got cleaned up and headed to the airport to pick up her parents, who will be able to spend a long weekend with us. We were almost late getting to the airport because of an accident on the road, but we made it just a few minutes after they landed. Because it was late and we were tired, we all went to Ichiban Buffet for dinner.

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