Amazing Red Rocks - Sept 22, 2009

Didn’t worry about getting up early today – the only thing on the schedule was to visit Red Rock park and start packing.  There is a dusting of snow at our site, and it’s snowing on and off.  The weather is cold and the ground is a mess, so Randy carries the dogs out to their “spot” – how’s that for spoiling them? 
When we got to Red Rock Park, I wanted Randy to stop the car so I could take some pictures of those beautiful rocks, right when we turned off the road. He suggested we got further into the park, and as we turned the corner we saw the actual park. Amazingly beautiful! We have been to Sedona, and this is just a beautiful. The rocks are huge - these massive slabs jutting out of the ground. They’re very layered and some are in strange forms. 
We walked up to the amphitheater, and it’s very cool. The stage is pretty normal but the but the seating fans out from the stage and each row is really elevated so everyone has a good view of the stage. And the best thing is that on each side of the seating area are huge, towering monoliths of those red rocks. They say the acoustics are phenomenal. We walked thru the information section and learned that a lot of folks have played here, from opera stars, the Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Moody Blues, Blues Traveler, James Taylor, Willie Nelson, and a bunch of others. I would love to hear a concert here! We drove around the rest of the park – it is just so beautiful! I would recommend this to anyone. When we got back to the entrance we decided to go into the gift shop. And as we were walking up to the gift shop (from a trail behind it), a couple of deer stepped out into the path. It was a doe and her half-grown fawn. We were careful to be quiet as we tried to get closer to them, but apparently we didn’t need to worry about that. They moved to the grassy area right behind the gift shop and started grazing. Several folks came around to see them, and we got within 10 feet. The fawn moved away a few feet, but the doe just kept grazing. I heard a nearby delivery man say this is so common that he hardly even notices them!
As an anticlimax, we drove to Denver for a late lunch. We wanted to have fried chicken at the Rocky Mountain Dinner because someone at Food Network recommended their fried chicken, but it turns out they don’t serve the fried chicken at lunch, so we just got some nachos. We walked around a bit…what is the deal with that huge, 3-story blue bear looking into the office building? 

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