Friday February 5, 2010

Hello. Today has been a beautiful day here in Arizona. It has been sunny and the temp somewhere around 70 degrees.
The news of the week is that we are leaving Quail Run on February 28 and beginning our journey to Alaska. Now we won't be driving straight to Alaska, we will begin meandering toward it. We plan on heading to Quartzsite, Az, then to Sultan Sea in California, then to Riverside and from there taking our time heading up the West Coast through California, Oregon and Washington with our arrival in Alaska about May 16.
It seems like we have been here in this park for a very long time and are really looking forward to seeing new areas. While at Salton Sea we hope to go see my brother Butch and his family. Then while in Riverside we will visit with Jackie's Aunt Jean and her family.
Many of my friends here at the park have been giving me ideas of things to do and places to see on our trip. There is a town in Washington called Oysterville where the ships come in with loads of fresh oyster (Aaron and Dezina I wish you could be here to share some but since you can't I'll try to eat your share). Also there are many great lighthouses to be seen, the Redwood Forest, the Spruce Goose and many other interesting sites. All in all it should be a great trip.
We do miss our friends back in the St. Louis area and hope that all of you are doing well.

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