March 2, 2010

Friday: Got the oil changed in the Jeep and had breakfast at JBs in Casa Grande. We spent the day running around to various grocery stores, getting ready for our next trip. Then for dinner we went to Chris’s Diner one last time for their great pizza. Clyde, Nancy, Skip and Bev joined us and we had a great time visiting.

After dinner a big group of folks met at the local Moose lodge (Joe, Sharon, Marvin, Dee, Gary, Gail, Clyde, Nancy, Brad and Sue). The guys kept buying Randy beers and they wanted to buy me something, so I asked for a strawberry daiquiri. It took the bartender a long time to get an opportunity to make it, but eventually she brought over a red drink with whipped cream and a cherry on top...I've never seen a daiquiri with whipped cream.

While I was just getting started on it, she brought over a second one as a way of apologizing for the delay. And one minute later she brought over a slightly smaller third one, saying I might as well have the rest of the mix! Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have enough of a head for alcohol to handle 3 drinks! So Sue and Sharon split the small one, but I pretty much finished the other two.

As more beers were consumed, people started looking thru the karaoke book. Eventually Gail and Joe got up and sang “The Rose”. That went well so Clyde, Nancy, Randy, Gary and Joe sang Country Roads (Clyde hails from West Virginia, so it’s sort of his theme song). Next up – Joe and Clyde singing “He’ll Have to Go”, with some stranger who was moved to join them on the stage! For a finale, Randy, Brad, Gary, Joe, Marvin and Clyde sang “On the Road Again”. And on that note, we called it a night.

Saturday: We got up around 7 am to get ready for the Arizona City Daze parade. A lady in the RV Park likes to put together a group of people who dress their dogs in costumes and walk together as a group. We thought that might be asking a bit too much of Sugarbaby, but that Julienne would like it. And she did – she was just wonderful. She wore one of her dresses (yes…we have several dresses for her). Bev had her dog BJ ready for the parade, so we rode up with her. There must have been between 30 and 40 dogs, and they all got along really well.

In the afternoon we spend a few minutes visiting with John and Janet. They will be out on Sunday, so this was our chance to say goodbye. They have been good neighbors and we’ll miss them, too.

For dinner we just got some Subway sandwiches, and then had one last trip to the Casa Grande Cold Stone Creamery. After dark we walked over to Clyde and Nancy’s for awhile, just to visit.

Sunday: Everyone came out to say goodbye, even though it was cold and rainy, and a lot earlier that some of them normally got up! It was hard to leave, but eventually we had to, so everyone could get in out of the rain.

So down the road we headed. It’s a short drive to Yuma, about 185 miles. We stopped at Dateland on I-8 for date shakes, as recommended by several folks. The shakes are really good! They also sell several types of dates to sell. We were able to sample the date and found one we really like, so Randy bought 4 pounds of those.

We drove on to Yuma and a bit past it, to park at the Quechan Casino. They allow folks to park a couple of nights for free, if you register inside the casino.

Since it wasn’t dark yet, we decided to see what the town of Los Algadones looked like. So we drove down the road to the area with “No Parking” signs all over it and parked there, like everyone else. Then we walked across the border to Los Algadones, Mexico. The Purple Pharmacy is one of the first buildings and it was recommended as a good place to get antibiotics, so we got some there. We found the office of one of the dentists who was recommended to us but her office was closed for the day, so we planned to come back tomorrow.

Back at the casino we registered for a player’s card which got each of us $2 off the price of the buffet and $10 of free play. We did the buffet first, which was pretty good – not amazing, but enjoyable. Then we played our free money and won $22.60, which more than covered the cost of dinner and the tip.

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