March 9, 2010

Tuesday: The sun was shining today but it was really windy. Nevertheless, we went to the Boardwalk at Mission Bay to see the beach and walk through the boardwalk shops. The beach, as always, was awesome. We found that lots of sand dollars and kelp had washed up on shore. I was surprised to see what kelp looks like up close – it’s very rubbery, almost like it’s made of a plastic.

No wonder folks have died when they got caught up in this stuff – you’d need a very sharp knife to cut yourself free of it! There are small pods along the main strand of it that are filled with air, for buoyancy. And near the bottom of the thing is a pod larger than a grapefruit, with a spongy shell and a hollow center – again, for buoyancy.

The wind was really strong at the beach so after a short while we got back in the car and drove to the Viejas Casino. The casino buffet was less than $8 with a players’ card, so we had lunch there. They had crab legs on the buffet so I was a very happy camper! I was so busy with the crab legs that I almost forgot about dessert; crab legs are one of the very few things that can take my mind off of chocolate.

Eventually I had to leave the buffet, so we went out into the casino to spend the $5 of free play that came with each player card. $5 isn’t much, but at the penny slots it can last awhile. I ended up winning $9.06. Randy said that with all our recent big casino wins, he’s about ready to order a new Prevost!

Maria invited us to their house for dinner this evening. She made chicken asado and had cake for dessert, and it was all great. Another evening of great food and conversation – who could ask for more?!

Monday: Well, it’s not raining, just a little overcast. Butch drove us out to the Coronado Amphibious Base and gave us some info about his time in service (he’s a Marine). Then we drove to Coronado and walked thru Old Towne. They have beautiful garden areas in town. I don’t know what the plant is that is in this picture, but I love it!

We had lunch at El Fandango and walked thru more than a dozen shops. Lina, who is an avid gardener, got several new seeds for her garden (with permission, of course!).

We also visited MCRD (Marine Corp Recruit Depot) and saw some troops drilling.

Sunday: Randy’s birthday! The light rain was still here, but the rain is really needed in this area so it’s hard to complain. In the morning we went to church with Butch and Lina, and then went to lunch at Anna’s, one of Butch’s favorite restaurants. We went shopping afterwards but didn’t buy anything – it’s just as well, we don’t have any room for anything anyway! Then Lina fixed dinner for us – salad, rice and great big steaks. Penny came over with her fiancĂ© Jesse and daughter Melissa, as did Michael and Maria with their sons Matthew and Mitchell, and everybody brought something wonderful for the dinner. We had a great dinner and a wonderful time visiting with everyone.

Saturday: Butch drove us out to the local Swap Meet in the morning. We didn’t buy much but we did enjoy walking around to see what was there. There was a light rain that cut down the number of folks there, but it didn't bother us. For lunch Butch and Lina took us out to the Claim Jumper restaurant, where Randy and I had excellent salads. Mine was a California Citrus Salad with walnuts, raisons, apples, avocados with a light vinaigrette, and it was so good that I may try to create it at home sometime. Afterwards we all walked around the nearby Grossman Mall.

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