Getting tired before the holidays

Busy day today! Recently the church received a lot of donations, which is great, but right now they need to free up space for Thanksgiving dinner preparations. I spent yesterday sorting through boxes and bags, then today we got up at 5:20 am (!!!) to set up a yard sale on the church grounds. Randy carried stuff outside, then Aunt Jean and I ran the sale. We sold for several hours, until 11 am when we bundled up the remaining items for a one-way trip to the Salvation Army. The sale was a success; it generated money for the church's Thanksgiving dinner and freed up a lot of space. 

While I was at the sale, Randy was assisting Teresa as she put together her catering job.  She was serving at a wedding today. I don't cook so all I could do was help carry things upstairs to the venue. We did that twice - once for appetizers and then again a couple of hours later for the entrées. By the end of the day we were all worn out. We need a bit of a break before starting the next thing - Thanksgiving dinner for 3,000.

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