Here's something no RVer ever wants to see - the inside of their front door panel. 
But today we saw ours. When I tried to open the door from the outside, nothing happened. Randy had to climb into the front room window to open the door from the inside. Then he took off the cover of the lock section, studied the situation, and realized he needed to remove the whole door panel.
We found that the end of a small spring had broken off. Next job: find another spring. Randy shopped around and found one that, with a little tweaking, fit well enough to make the mechanism work. Then he put everything back together. This took a long time and wasn't even a little bit fun.

And then later that night Julienne had another seizure. And suddenly everything slipped into perspective; working on the RV can be a pain but it isn't nearly as important as our little girl. Randy held her in a quiet, dark room and she quickly came out of her seizure, so we were able to settle in for the night, grateful for our blessings.

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