Remodeling an RV bathroom, part 2

We are continuing work on our bathroom remodeling project. Randy got our new vanity set in and I am in the process of painting the walls. This part is looking good.
The problem now is the space above the vanity. Since originally there was a corner cabinet, the hole for the light fixture is offset. Randy has built a great medicine chest, but getting a light fixture that covers the hole and doesn't look dorky is proving to be a problem. 
We've bought two so far. The first first one was a center mount so we were going need a base plate to cover the hole, but it turned out it didn't look right. The second one looked great - we could set it over the existing hole and bend the bars that hold the 3 lights towards the cabinet space. But it refused to fasten securely to the slightly padded ceiling, and even if we put it on a base plate, the spotlight effect was not as good as I'd hoped. We have been to Home Depot, Lowe's, Ikea and The Lighting Store (several times) and still haven't found the solution yet. It's always something.

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