Dental work and a skunk

Time for more dental work. Back in May I got some work done and everything went fine, so today I went back to the same dentist. Unfortunately this time I forgot to take the pre-visit Valium. I wasn't in pain but when he started working on my teeth, I panicked. So they stopped everything, dragged the gas canister into the room and hooked me up with some nitrous oxide. A few deep breaths of that and I was OK. Dr. Steelman replaced one crown and filled a couple of cavities for me. My jaw was sore from being jacked open for over an hour so I when I go home, I took half of the Valium I should have taken in the morning, and took a long nap. 

I woke up to lovely smell - Randy was baking peanut butter cookies. And they were excellent! We took most of them to Dan and Ashley's, where Patty and Ken were supplying burgers and hot dogs for dinner. Ashley added some side dishes, Randy provided the cookies, and we were set. The weather even cooperated - it was a perfect evening to sit outside. Ken, Virgil, Randy and Rick relaxed while Dan cooked, and later "Cheeseburger" Jack joined us.
It was a lovely evening but later, after dark, we were joined by an uninvited and unwelcome guest. I said I could smell skunk, and a minute later Patty saw him under the house, eating the cat food that Lee had put out for their cat.  
The skunk was ignoring us so I thought if I went up to him slowly, he would go under the porch without getting upset. But he was enjoying his dinner and had no plans to leave. He didn't stop eating when I got closer, he just fluffed his tail up as a warning. I got the message. We all did, and the party broke up, with Dan and Ashley using their back door to get into their house. 

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