Rancho California RV Resort

Today we joined Dan and Ashley for a relaxing day at the Rancho California RV Resort. It's about 18 miles out Highway 79; along the way we started seeing some amazing sculptures. Big, outdoor metal sculptures. 
Horses, dragons, dinosaurs, rams, and an amazing stagecoach. Later I learned that the artist is Ricardo Breceda. I would like to go back and see more than what can be seen from the road. When we got to the resort Dan led us to a 5th Wheel on a site called the "Rock Lot". At first I thought the name referred to a large rock in the front yard. But then we walked to the back yard. Dang, that's a big rock.
Dan and Randy took the golf cart out to see the resort but it ran out of charge a couple of blocks away, and they had to push it back. So Dan hooked it up to a charger and we all walked to the clubhouse area, where a craft sale was going on. We didn't buy any crafts; instead we went for a walk around the resort. There are some beautiful lots here (most without huge rocks in the backyard). Many of the owners have built covered cabanas on their side lots; some are even small buildings. And almost every one includes a kitchen/bar. Nice!

Little Allie couldn't walk all that way so we took turns carrying her. She liked Randy's technique best!
Randy bought lunch for us - burgers and hot dogs  - and then we decided it was time to visit the pools. Randy, Dan and Lee got in the big pool, Ashley and Ally went to the kiddie pool, and I headed for the hot tub. Ashley and Ally joined me and, after some fierce water gun fights with Lee, Randy and Dan did, too. Eventually we all ended up sitting under a patio umbrella for awhile. By then the golf cart batteries were charged so Dan took Randy, Allie and me out for a tour of the farther reaches of the Resort. Allie fell asleep on my lap; she knows when it's nap time! The rest of us agreed, it was time to call it a day. So we packed up and drove back to Vista.

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