Those beautiful horses!!

Early this morning I finally read a Facebook link that Donna sent me a couple of days ago. I should have read it earlier; it was announcing that the Grand Oaks Classic Pleasure Driving Competition taking place this weekend in Marion. I didn't go yesterday and can't go tomorrow, so I grabbed my camera and drove out there today. This is an amazing event, with some of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen. Owners brought their horses in from all over the country; at least one of them even came down from Canada. Part of the charm of this event was the old-fashioned buggies and period clothing. 
Some of the drivers had a groom up behind them. A lot of research and money went into making these rigs so accurate, and I love the way it all looks! 
These little beauties took their turn around the ring, just like the big horses, and did a great job. 
One of my favorite breeds was here - a Gypsy Vanner. These horses are a little on the petite side but perfectly formed, and their claim to fame is their long flowing hair. Their mane, tail and leg feathers must take a lot of care, but the result is amazing. This little stallion has an unusually long mane, even for a Gypsy Vanner - it flowed in the breeze with every move he made.
The horses got along with each other, and every one seemed to be happy to step out and show off. 
There were some beautifully marked horses, but this light brown one was so perfectly formed and groomed that he stood out, even among more dramatically colored horses. 
Outside the ring was a matched pair of black beauties. I had to leave before these guys stepped into the ring, but I got to appreciate them as their groom held them near me. They are just so gorgeous!!!

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