Trees and Mardi Gras

This afternoon we decided to take down another limb from the big tree out back. It doesn't have many little branches for foliage, it just hangs over our boat dock, ready to cause a disaster if it gets hit by one of those 60-miles-an-hour winds that spin off the hurricanes. It's so big though that Randy had to tie it off in 2 places, to be sure it wouldn't crash onto the dock or the deck rail. That worked; when he cut through, the lines held it in place while he trimmed off the far end. Then he lowered it onto the deck and started slicing the main section into smaller pieces. 
Later we drove to downtown Leesburg for their Mardi Gras event and parade. They did such a great job with their Christmas event that we had high hopes for Mardi Gras. But this was a much smaller event. The parade wasn't scheduled to start for a couple of hours so we walked around, checked out a few stores, and had dinner at Blooms. The last time we were at Bloom's we enjoyed our meal, but today they missed the mark. By the time we finished, it was getting dusky and more people were lining up to watch the parade. 
But the parade wouldn't start for 30 minutes and Randy wasn't feeling well. There is some illness going around here that lingers a long time; he's had it for 2 weeks and still can't quite kick it. So rather than wait in the rain for a Mardi Gras parade that couldn't hold a candle to the fun time we had in New Orleans in 2013, we decided to go home. 

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