Chaney Brothers Food Show in Orlando

Randy has been helping in the kitchen at church. He does it to help, but we got a nice perk from it - an invitation to the Cheney Brothers Food Show, in Orlando.
This wasn't a big as the National Restaurant Association food show we used to attend in Chicago, but it had some things that Chicago did not. Like several meat carving stations. 
And rows of soups, warm and ready to sample.
This was the best pickle display I saw.
And the Belgium Butter company displayed their wares with seafood presentations. 
The pork display was kind of creepy looking, but that didn't stop me from sampling it. Pretty good, actually. 
 The sushi boat was a lot more appetizing.
In fact, seafood was pretty big here - displayed on ice
or in ice. 
I think the most unusual thing about this show were the ladies displaying fruit; never seen this before.
One thing here that they did not sample was the Japanese wagyu beef. I don't know how much this was - I have seen it at $1,500 for 5 pounds - but it's enough that it comes with a Certificate describing the "Animal Background". 
But there was plenty to eat! Lots of sandwiches, delicious proscuitto ham, scallops, salami, edible flowers, fresh salmon, mushrooms, gelato, and pretty desserts.

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