Sea Dog - or, more accurately, Lake Dog

We took the boat out Saturday, and this time we took Shorty with us. Shorty has a new life jacket to keep him safe in case he jumps ship. Randy also attached a light cable to the jacket, so if he fell or jumped overboard, we could quickly haul him back. It was attached to the front of the boat and wasn't long enough for him to jump off the back where the motor is. He submitted to it all without a complaint and didn't let it get in his way. He just snuggled up next to Donna and enjoyed the sun and wind. 
Oh, yea, Shorty can handle this. 
At some point he went to the driver's seat and tried to tell Randy how to drive. Fortunately Randy ignored his advice and kept us on track.
We crossed most of Lake Griffin and took the Harris Creek Canal. Along the way we passed an RV park with a very long, badly maintained dock. Randy recognized this as the Haines Creek RV Village, where we were offered the job of managers. We were surprised to find it is this close! And still glad we turned that down. We continued on and went all the way to the lock and dam. We didn't need to go any further, so Randy took us to a little nearby cove where we snacked on sandwiches. Shorty thought that was a fine idea, too. 
Pete and Donna weren't hungry so they just laid back to enjoy the peace and quiet. There is nothing like being on the water.
Randy did a little fishing, but the fish weren't smart enough to take the bait. So after a while we untied from the tree (the anchor didn't work here) and went back along the canal to Lake Harris. As we went home, we saw a pilot in a Seaplane doing touch-and-gos. He brought the plane in to land on the water, coasted a bit, then took off and circled around to do it again. This is a great place to practice; there were one or two other boats on the lake but it's so big that the pilot had plenty of open water to himself. 
We were glad to find out that Shorty enjoys the boat as much as we do - now we can take him out more. 

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