A close call for Shorty

Saturday morning Randy put Shorty into his harness and leash and took him for a walk. A few houses down from us there was a truck parked in the street with an open door. Suddenly a large, unleashed dog jumped out of the truck and grabbed Shorty in it’s mouth. Shorty yelped hysterically, while Randy grabbed him up and held him against his chest, to keep him away from the other dog. The dog then lunged at Randy, biting through his jacket.

Randy carried Shorty home where we found a bloody puncture wound on his side where the dog had grabbed him. Since our vet is closed on the weekend, a neighbor suggested we take him to Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital in The Villages. They were able to get us in, although we had a bit of a wait. Shorty was sedated and treated, and it required 3 staples to close the wound.
Shorty seems to be OK, although he's pretty drugged up on pain meds now. Randy is another story; he gets the horrors thinking of how bad it might have been. I think Randy needs some Scotch.

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