Osaka Steak House

Wednesday Chris and I had a girls day out, so naturally we went to Goodwill in The Villages. That, and a stop at I-Hop, took several hours. Later in the evening Chris and Milt took us out for dinner at the Osaka Steak House. Our waitress was a charm-school dropout named Britteny, and our chef was a Mexican named Mario. Not exactly Japanese, but Mario knew his way around that grill! He served fried rice first, which was so good that I ate it all and didn't have room for the vegetables, meat, and noodles that followed. Leftovers for lunch!

Tomorrow morning they will drive further south, towards the Miami area. They will be staying at a campsite without hookups so they are leaving their 2 little dogs with us for a few days. Pita used to be Shorty's good friend but they haven't seen each other for a while, so they will need to get reaquainted. Poco is totally a mama's girl but we will try to make sure she has a good time here. 

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