Good times with friends from church

Friday we had some folks over for dinner. Carlo and Ana told wonderful stories about their trip to Israel, Gary and Rich gave Randy some good advice about how to change the living room wall, and Erin, Kim and I talked about everything else. Good times! 

Randy had decided to do one of my favorite meals - antipasto. He creates it with several kinds of meats, peppers, cheeses, olives, tomatoes and grapes. I love this so much!
One of our friends isn't supposed to eat a lot of beef or pork, so Randy added a big shrimp tray. 
I don't think Randy can serve a meal without actually cooking/baking. At any rate, he baked true French baguettes to go with it all!
And he created my new favorite cheese dish: baked brie in a hand-made crust.
He spread the top of the cheese with fruits before baking. AWESOME!

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