Stinky Alaskan Fish Fertilizer better do some good

I love roses and determined that when we got a house, I would have beautiful roses. But I want roses that smell like roses and the ones in Home Depot don't. So I ordered 2 roses online. They came this week, with planting directions that include bone meal, peat moss and aged cow manure. I can hardly believe that I had to pay good money for cow manure, but I did. And for fertilizer, they strongly recommend Alaskan Fish Fertilizer. What does this look like?
Yea, it smells like that, too. But I held my breath and mixed it with water to feed the roses. One of them looks OK but my "Mr Lincoln" rose is a little skinny Groot.
Meanwhile Randy, who has more sense that I, decided we should not leave brush piled up at the canal's edge where the alligator likes to sun. It might make good nesting material, which would be a bad thing. I can't argue with that, although I did try. So he raked it all up. We were at Disney most of the day so I don't know if the gator crawled up on the bank again or not. However, a smaller cousin did show up, staying in the water, where good alligators stay.

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