Supporting the School

The church supports it's school by a variety of means, including an annual fall event. The school buys and decorates Christmas trees, then puts them on display in the church sanctuary. 
Every one of these trees is for sale, fully decorated and ready to set up at home. There are trees for every taste and style, a lot of people were happy to find a tree they like, buy it, and skip the work part. And some people bought one for a second tree to put in another room.
On tables along the wall were donated items for people can bid on. Randy decided to donate a Prime Rib Dinner for 4. He was determined it would not go cheap - he knows what his food is worth, and he wanted the school to get full value. Eventually he let it go for $200.  The guy who bought it was agreeable to scheduling the meal after the holidays, so we did the dinner at his house in March. 

Randy's Prime Rib is quite simply one of the best things ever.
He served it with big, salt-rubbed baked potatoes, fresh vegetables, Sweet Sensation Salad, and for dessert, Crème Brûlée with fresh berries. 

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