Wednesday January 27, 2010

Today has been a drury day. There was a slight chance of rain in the forecast and all we got was a cloudy sky and a sprinkle. The temperature was warm, in the lower 70's.
I just got back from a tag-a-long to Chris's Diner in Arizona City. Unfortunately Jackie couldn't make it as she had to work. The food was great as always. We only had 7 people at our table but our poor waitress got flustered and though we only order 4 different pizzas we ended up with 6 pizzas. I ended up bringing home more than a full pizza. Extra pizza is never a problem for me because I love it cold or hot.
Tomorrow I plan on getting things ready for the tax man and hopefully wash the Jeep (sounds exciting right????). We are trying to get things ready for Alaska. It appears that there are 2 main problems, one of which is that Sprint does not work in Skagway and the second is what to do with the handguns. Sprint has said that they would suspend service for 3 months for a nominal charge but after the 3 months the charge goes back to the original price. Well considering we will be Skagway for about 5 months that means we will be paying for 2 months of no service (so far I can't justify that cost). As far as the handguns, Canada does not allow them in the country. Therefore, I need to find a way to ship them either to Skagway or ship them to a friend or family. I just need to do some research to figure out what is my best option. If anyone has an idea please let me know.
To all our friends and family who read this blog i just want to say that we are doing fine and we really miss you.

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