Kindle or Printed books?

Way back in April of 2012 Randy won a brand new Kindle, and I inherited his original one. That's how it usually goes in our family; Randy, who maintains a lively interest in new technology, gets a new version and I inherit the older one. Since, in spite of my 16 years as an IT manager I am not usually excited about new technology, this suits me fine; in fact, I often don't use my inherited toys. I never got much use out of the PDA way back when, and after experimenting with the Kindle a bit, I put it away.

But after over 4 years in the RV, I am still looking for ways to decrease the amount of stuff we carry around. My favorite books have never been on the list of things to get rid of, but that may change. I find that I don't read some because they are stuffed behind others, and the ones in front are getting torn from taking them in and out of tightly-packed shelves. So I am going to give the Kindle another try.  

It's going to take awhile before I agree it's a suitable substitute. Any time I have a few spare minutes, I love to pick up a book, flip it open to a random page, and start reading. I don't need to read from start to finish - in fact, I prefer not to. The first time I read a book I tend to skim read, so when I read snippets later, I get more out of it, and not reading it in order keeps it fresh.  I'm not saying it's the best way to read, but it makes me happy. Will a Kindle, with its front-to-back style, suffice? I don't know, but I am finally ready to give it a try.

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