Christmas decorations in an RV

Decorating an RV for Christmas takes a little imagination.  For starters, the space is really small and it's already filled with things we need.  Plus, traveling with pets adds another level of complexity.  What the dogs can't reach, the cat can, and all of them like to chew on things.  

In other years we would get a small tree with fiber-optic lights, then donate it to Goodwill after Christmas, which solved the after-Christmas storage problem nicely.  But this year we made some changes in the RV layout and I just couldn't decide where to put a tree that would be safe from the critters.  So we agreed to forgo a tree.  Then I saw something really pretty at Target - a small tree made from red curled wood.  I love the color, and it looks like it's made of flowers.  
It's small enough to fit on the table out of the dogs' reach, and Missy doesn't bother it because it's not as much fun to chew on as fake evergreen. Of course, we can't hang decorations on this so I strung garland across the top of the living room slide, and hung light-weight ornaments on that.

Looks Christmas-y enough for me! 

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