A little thing can be worth a big smile

It's funny, how easy it can sometimes be to connect with people we don't know. I bought a bottle of soda today and when I got int the car I discovered that I could not, for the life of me, get it open. Eventually I gave up, stopped at a gas station, and bought another one. The lady behind the counter was polite in a slightly distant way, and we didn't have much in common; she was a generation younger and a different race. But I was in that relaxed sort of mood that makes it easy to talk to strangers, so I told her that I had a perfectly good bottle of soda back in the car that I just could not get open. Immediately she laughed out loud and said "That happens to me too and it just drives me crazy!".  We shared a laugh and I left. The next place that I stopped, I said the same thing and got exactly the same result - the clerk instantly relaxed, gave me a big Cheshire Cat smile and "Oh, that happens to me too! Don't you just hate it?" We all have so much more in common that we think!  And that is a good thought to hold on to, as we start a new year.  

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