A full day in New York City

Last night we were awakened by loud banging sounds. Being new to NYC, we were not sure what it was,  but it turned out to be big, beautiful fireworks. 

While we are parked in the Liberty RV park, outside our front window we can see across the lot and water, to two of the most recognizable landmarks of NYC. To the left, Ellis Island. And to the right, the Statue of Liberty.
Yep, we can see the Statue of Liberty from our parking site. 
We went back into New York today. The city is just so big. There are people everywhere, all the time. During the day, when I would assume that a large percentage of people are at work, the sidewalks are still crowded. They can't all be tourists, can they? It is hard to know where regular New York ends and touristic New York starts. The part we were in was a fascinating blend of both, but they seem to have lost a couple of battles. Nobody seems to notice the dirt, grime and smells - at least not enough to do anything about it. And nobody seems to notice the amazing architecture they have. I would like to make a book of the doors of New York City - you don't see this anywhere else.
We wanted to see Penn Station, which is almost as busy as Grand Central Station. Outside it is fairly ordinary,  
but inside it’s like a city, with shops for almost everything. And this mini-city is spotlessly clean. So it can be done!
We walked from Penn Station through New York, just seeing the sights. The outside electric billboards are HUGE, and not just in Times Square. They all scream for attention, but there are so many of them that they just form a backdrop for the city.
I knew we were in the Garment District when I saw a great big button and needle.
We passed a big crowd of people lined up and discovered they were in line for 1/2 price theater tickets for the 2:00 showing of several Broadway shows. If we were going to be here longer, I would probably get in that line. We passed Radio City Music Hall and Times Square, which reminds me of Piccadilly Circus; same huge electric billboards, crowds and tourists taking pictures of everything and each other! 

We started getting hungry so we got some great cookies at The Bread Company, and lunch at the Pig and Whistle. Randy got a burger and fries while I ordered Mac and Cheese. With bacon and mushrooms. We were not having a contest about whose lunch was the best but if we did, I would have won!

The worst sign I saw all day:
The best sign I saw all day (in Penn Station):
Tonight I took the dogs out and watched the Statue of Liberty, glowing green, with it's beautiful lit torch.

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