Getting started in Maine

We spent Wednesday unpacking and organizing, then the next 2 days we in trained for the office work, which will start when the resort opens next Thursday. So we haven't had a lot of time to get out but we have started to learn some things about the area. 

First I discovered that I pronounce Bangor wrong. With my midwestern accent, I pronounced it as "Bang-or". But here they very distinctly pronounce the 'g' so it sounds more like "Ban-gore". 

And I was surprised to see that there are usually seagulls sitting on the ground here. It has been rainy on and off since we arrived, but we are at least 30 miles from the Penobscot Bay. 

The local Hannaford grocery store takes their seafood seriously. 
We have already had seafood a couple of times already - once at a restaurant (fried) and Randy cooked fresh cod (not fried and much better).

Tonight we went to a baked bean supper at a local church. $7 for baked beans (large and small), Boston brown bread (which looked like it was properly baked in a can), cole slaw, biscuits, watermelon pickles, plus desserts. 

We stopped in a bike shop to get a map of bicycle paths; they didn't have one but they are well stocked in winter sports equipment. And the bike trails around here must be fierce because some of the bicycle tires look like they belong on motocross motorcycles.
And so far, this is the only moose I've seen.

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