A rainy day and a blustery night in New Jersey

I am behind in my blog and will catch up soon, but for now I'll skip ahead to today, when we left Philadelphia and arrived in Jersey City, New Jersey. The goal is to spend a few days in New York. Getting here was a challenge because our GPS, nicknamed Jill, has been on the fritz lately. She only works about half the time and we never know when she will quit. Today we got some results by putting her against the window and propping her up by a blanket. She worked most of the time although I had to scoot forward anytime I wanted to read the display or check ahead.  Any time I moved her closer, she quit. 
We got to Jersey City just before noon and checked into Liberty Harbor Marina and RV Park. This is the most expensive RV Park we have stayed at, and there is no sewer, wifi or cable - just water and electric and a paved lot. But we, and a lot of other people, stay here because of location, location, location; when we look out our window, we can see the Statue of Liberty. It's across the harbor, and it's drizzling rain right now, but it's there. 

After we hookedup, a quick 5 block walk took us to the Metro station. There wasn't anyone on duty there, they just have machines and those machines are not user-friendly. Eventually we got tickets and took the metro over to the World Trade Center. From there we switched to another line and got off on Spring street. The goal: Lombardi's Pizza.
We've been here before but I forgot that they have 3 basic pizzas, and you add toppings to make your favorite type. We got the mozzarella pizza with tomato sauce and added Italian sausage. Their sausage is excellent, but the pizza is really...OK.
The problem is that I'm used to Randy's pizza so I'm hard to impress.

For dessert we walked around and found an Italian bakery where we spent $3.50 for 6 cookies; it didn't turn out to be a good deal. A further walk took us to an area that smelled so strongly of fish that we didn't linger. And it kept drizzling rain, so we took the Metro back to New Jersey. Tonight the temperature is dropping, the rain is increasing and the wind is blowing hard. It's a good night to stay inside.

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