An expensive day

Randy does regular maintenance and inspection on our RV and a couple of days ago he discovered one of the tires was flat. He was able to air it up but it still lost air, so it's time to get a new one. It's a good idea for all the tires on an RV to be the same age, and it's time to replace ours anyway, so Randy found a place to get some. Today we drove there and got the tires put on. 

Oh, and while they were doing that, they discovered one of the front wheels was bent. Got to replace that, too.

Oh, and while they were finishing the tires, they scratched the heck out of our RV.
Oh, and when we got home and hooked up again, the power would not come on. So Randy got to take apart the big outside plug and replace it with a new one.
What an expensive and trying day - hope we don't have many more like this!

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