Mainely Meat and the Kenduskeag Trail

Yesterday we drove to Bar Harbor meet up with Pennye, who Randy met in February when he went to Las Vegas to learn about RVillage. She and her husband are Workamping in Bar Harbor for a few more days before they take off, so we couldn't miss this opportunity. We joined them and another couple for drinks, then we all went for dinner at Mainely Meat Barbecue. We have been looking for a place to buy good ribs for months; back on Hilton Head Island we could always count on One Hot Mama's, but since then if we want good ribs, Randy has to make them. Mainely Meat's ribs are not quite as good as OHM, but they are definitely worth having!
And today we walked off some of that good food. We drove to a spot a little north of Bangor and walked over 3 miles on the Kenduskeag trail. The trail runs beside the Kenduskeag "stream" - that's what the locals call it. I would not have called it a stream because it's fairly big, really fast, and includes a couple of areas that qualify as rapids.
The weather cooperated - not too hot - so it was a good walk, followed by a nice picnic lunch.

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