We are the area of Maine know as "Downeast". That's a description I didn't even know about until this spring when the History Channel launched "Downeast Bickering". I did not run into that particular culture during our trips through Maine on our way to and from Nova Scotia, so I thought maybe it was all made up. Not entirely...for example, there really is a weekly magazine called Uncle Henry's.
And it has got almost everything to buy or trade. Most of the ads are pretty usual but occasionally they have a different slant, like this lady's touching faith in the effectiveness of electric tape:
And the term "Downeast" is common around here. It's often used in business names.
What else is unique here? Well, Bangor has a great big statue of Paul Bunyon. Unfortunately when he is viewed from the side, he looks like he's flipping off the city.
In the older buildings it is apparent that they LOVED windows. I think it might be because the light helped during the long winters but I also wonder how much energy they lose. Well, I'm not going to be here during the winter so I guess it doesn't matter! This one might be the winner of "most windows", but it accurately represents how they liked to use windows here.
Speaking of buildings, Stephen King has a house in Bangor. I am sure he has other houses elsewhere but since so many of his stories take place in Maine, it's nice that he still has a presence here. I think. I haven't heard much about him from the locals so maybe they don't care one way or another. His house is nice, though. Pretty, well maintained, with nothing much to indicate that the king of horror stories lives here...
except that cool gate with the big spiders and tiny gargoyles!

And that Brown Bread that is baked in a can and served at Bean Suppers? You can actually buy it that way, in grocery stores!
Another food on some restaurant menus that indicates we are "Downeast" and close to Canada is Poutine. Poutine a Canadian specialty of French Fries covered with brown gravy and cheese curds. Good hearty food! Food like this leads to the local joke: "Did you know that we have more BMWs here than anywhere?" "Really?" "Sure - Big Maine Women!"

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