Orlando to Leesburg to Ruskin

Yesterday we drove to the Haines Creek RV Village in Leesburg, where we were offered a position as managers. It didn't take us long to decide this wasn't the place for us. It requires a ton of work just to maintain it at it's very "casual" state. And there are no rules for the long-term residents, who would not take kindly to changes we would want to make, such as asking them to clean up their place. So we said "thanks, but no thanks" and moved on this morning. 

We are spending a month in Ruskin. The idea is to relax and recuperate. Not sure how that's going to go yet. The chassis battery is giving us trouble, a cabinet door just fell off, and I dropped our GPS, which broke its screen. It will take a lot of work to relax.

But we need to try. Lunch was a good start. We drove through Ruskin to look for a restaurant, and the most likely one was Marian's Sub Shop. Their sign says it all: "We have one kind of sub."  
If it's not listed on this board, they don't have it! No mayo, which I would have liked. But the girl behind the counter said the place had been operating for 50 years with this menu, so we ordered one and split it. They do sell sides items: soda and chips.They put the goodies on Randy's half of the sandwich and toasted the whole thing. And it was very good. We would definitely come here again!

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