Another goodby

Life is hard sometimes. We made a rush trip back to Illinois to be with Randy's sister Sharon. We were able to spend the day by her side before she slipped away the next morning, on the 10th. This is so difficult. 

Sharon and Randy shared a special bond - he was born on her birthday. She said their mom brought him home and gave him to her as a present. There may have been times when she questioned that, but she always thought he was pretty special.  
Sharon may be the reason why Randy and I got married. She and I worked together at a restaurant and when Randy brought her roses, I was impressed. She decided to tell him that I wanted to go out with him. I did, but I hadn't told her. She just knew. She served cake at our wedding, congratulating herself on her match-making abilities.
Saying goodbye has been awful, but she was ill for a long time and we wouldn't want her to linger just to spare ourselves. The only bright spot was that we were able to spend some time with Vicki and her family. They are really good people and we are proud to call them family.

Sharon is part of a big family that keeps getting smaller, here. We trust in God that we shall be reunited in heaven. 

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