Disney again

Today I wanted to go back to Hollywood Studios. We were going to start with a show but the line for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride was really short, so we went there instead. I just love the attention to detail that Disney puts into their attractions. The area around the ride is part of the fun experience!
But the ride, of course, is the best part. I don't know why I love this so much, I still shut my eyes through much of it!
To recover from that, we walked down the main street and watched some street performers who were really good.
We watched the March of the First Order again. If they don't have a tall woman playing the part of Captain Phasma, then the guy who's doing has a woman's swagger down pat! 

We had a fastpass to Beauty and The Beast today because that's the only way to get in on the weekend. Good show!
Then, because we wanted to have lunch at Epcot, we took the Friendship boat across the lake. We got off one stop early, though, and walked the rest of the way because we had time to spare and wanted to work up an appetite. We had reservations at the Biergarten for later in the day, but fortunately they were able to get us in when we arrived. Biergarten offers a smorgasbord, and was in full Octoberfest mode. They had salads, beets, pasta, spaetzle, bean soup, rolls, etc. But the menu leaned very heavily toward meats: sliced pork, pastry-wrapped meatloaf, beer sausage, brockwurst, bratwurst, salami, chicken, salmon, meatballs, and a few other things I didn't get around to trying. 

For dessert we had fruit compote, pineapple, apple strudel, cinnamon pinwheels, mini black forrest cakes, mini cheesecakes. We drank a concoction made of Coke and Fanta, which was surprisingly good.  I overate so bad that I promised myself to never overeat again. 

The entertainment was a small German band playing accordian, tuba, horn and drums. But they also did a special number with cow bells, and I finally got to hear alphorns, those wooden horns that are longer than a man is tall.  They have a deep sound (not surprisingly) but what did surprise me was that, without holes, the musicians can make different tones. I think it has something to do with breath control. 

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