Horsing around with friends

Some good friends from our RVing days were in Central Florida this week and we were able to get together with them a few times. Brenda and Woody came over for dinner one night, and on Saturday Brenda and I took off to spend a little "girl time" at Miz Kathy's Cotillion Southern Cafe. It's a charming little restaurant, everything a Ladies' Lunch spot should be. Later Brenda was kind enough to cut my hair. I usually cut it myself but it's getting harder to keep it short in back so I let it grow, but I don't like it. So she fixed me up. 

Monday we drove to meet them at a CVS near them, then they drove us out to the Webster Flea Market. We've been here before and it's a great flea market, with a small restaurant that's always good for lunch. They serve a buffet that has been reliably good; main dishes of pot roast, fried chicken and spaghetti are served with a lot of side dishes, salads and desserts. I got pot roast, carrots and cheesy potatoes with gravy, which was so good that I got a second helping of exactly the same thing before finishing with a slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. No, I didn't go just for the food, but it certainly helps!

We walked through the market looking at a lot of new stuff (socks, jewelry, hats, etc) but I like old junk better. So Brenda's friend guided us to the back area, where we walked through rows of interesting antique and yard sale stuff.  Along the way we kept seeing 2 guards on horseback. It's an efficient way to see over the crowd and move quickly when needed. The guards occasionally pulled Spanish Moss from the trees and fed it their horses. They said it's like cotton candy to horses. And the horses did keep a watchful eye on each other to be sure the other guy wasn't getting an unfair share. At last, a good use for Spanish Moss! I, of course, could not keep away from the horses.


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