Randy is right, again

We pulled another clump of weeds up from the canal and let it dry a few days. We check them every day, and this morning Randy decided we should bag up for the trash. But when he walked out on the back porch, he saw this:
 So Randy is right, again. During our last episode with weeds and alligators, I sort of wanted to leave the weeds on the banks. Randy knew better, and we removed them

Today Randy quietly called me outside so I could see this before it ran away. I raced back inside to get my camera but I needn't have hurried - he wasn't going anywhere. Standing on our deck, Randy bounced a little bit of branch onto his back, and he ignored it. Then Randy tossed a small section of plastic pipe near him, and he ignored it. Finally Randy got a big branch and hoisted it next to the gator. That was enough to finally convince the gator that he wasn't going to be allowed to sunbath in peace. He started to walk off the weeds and as he moved, I realized he was much longer than he looked when he was curled up.
At the edge of the weeds he stopped and gave a long, loud hiss. Very long, very loud - this guy was not happy. Showed us his teeth, too.
Then he slide down the bank and out into the canal, on his way to look for another sunny spot, one without so many annoying people around.

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