November 21, 2009

Tomorrow is our anniversary but I expect to be busy at my new part-time job tomorrow (more about that later) so we celebrated today. We started with a pancake and sausage breakfast at the RV Park. We didn’t stay too long at that because the guy Randy contacted to fix windshield chips in the Jeep and RV arrived at 8:30. As soon as he was done we intended to go to a local RV show, but on the way out of the Park we met up some friends and ended up talking for over an hour. Eventually we did get to the RV show; there were a couple of nice models but we didn’t see anything that we felt was spectacular. Good thing, because we aren’t really in the market for a new RV. But it’s nice to keep up on what’s available.

Then we went to the movies to see The Blind Side, which was just released. It’s a good show – go see it if you can.

And to finish off the day we went to a dance at the Park, where they had a DJ who played a lot of early rock-and-roll. There were 8 couples at our table and we all get along great, so it was really fun. Everyone brought some wine or beer and we danced almost every dance! As more wine and beer was consumed the dances got a little more ‘creative’ but everyone had a great time.

Tomorrow will be our 34th anniversary. It has gone by so fast . . . Randy, I want at least 34 more years with you!

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