November 1 2009

We drove over to check out nearby Picacho Mountain. There is an RV park at the foot of the mountain, so we decided to stop and look it first. This park, like most around here, is for folks age 55 and over. So when we stopped at the gate to get access, the guard asked us if we were over 55. And Randy, with just a tiny smirk, nodded towards me and said “Well, SHE is”. I thought he enjoyed that too much so I punched him in the arm! Of course, I’m old and feeble now so it wasn’t a hard punch.

We looked at several Park Models; we think there might be a Park Model in our future. Park Models combine a condo's freedom from grounds-maintenance with the privacy of a house. The limited size helps avoid the clutter-syndrome, and the low cost makes it feasible to own one in the location of your choice. All these things together make it reasonable to only live there half the year, and travel the rest of the year.

After we were done at the RV park, we checked out Picacho Mountain state park. There are a couple of trails that go to the top (a 2 mile steep trail or an easier 3 mile trail), and there are informational signs up about the kinds of snakes and bats that are found on the mountain. Very interesting. . . We’ll come back here when we have a full day, and brave the snakes and bats to climb to the top.

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