November 30, 2009

Wow, over a week has gone by without any updates! Occasionally time just slips away.

Our RV oven won’t hold a whole turkey so Randy didn’t get to cook a turkey this year for Thanksgiving. The RV Park organized a turkey dinner; they cooked turkeys and everyone signed up to bring a specific side dish for their table. So we met up with several of our friends and had dinner there. Randy made mashed potatoes, and also made a papaya chiffon pie. Dinner was pretty good but nothing can beat the brined and golden-brown turkeys Randy makes. And we don’t have any leftover turkey and dressing!

One of our neighbors had been cooking dinner for an older gentleman in the Park a few days a week, for $4 a plate. But now she has a job and doesn’t always have time to do that, so she asked if I wanted to take it over. I said yes because Randy always cooks enough for about 10 people. John seems pretty happy with his meals, and no wonder – he’s getting a $4 dinner created by an excellent professional chef!

Randy got a new I Pod recently and I inherited his original one. I downloaded some music, so now I can listen to what I like at any time. It's hard to find a radio station that I like - I have a fondness for swingy-jazz such as Stacey Kent, Bette Middler, Ella Mae Morse, and some very early Frank Sinatra. And anyone who sings “Frim Fram Sauce”.

And I have a new job now! Since Randy needs to spend about 50% of his time at the RV Park, we can’t travel all the time. And some extra spending cash would come in handy. So now I am a waitress – excuse me, a “server” – at Cracker Barrel. I went through the training last week, and Tuesday will be my first real day. I figured I could put the experience from Lambert’s Sandwiches and More to good use.

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  1. Jackie thanks for the posting we ejoy reading them.

    Randy, could you feed Jared and me for $4.00 per day? It would sure save me some money.

    By the way Jared graduated from the police academy a couple weeks ago. He is testing for 2 departments this weekend. We are hoping and praying he gets a job offer pretty soon, he really wants to start work.