December 12, 2009

While I was in Missouri and Illinois it never occurred to me to look at the stars. But here I am usually out after dark and I am amazed all over again at how beautiful the stars are in the clear Arizona sky.

Last evening we played pool with our neighbors. Randy and Harry beat Judy and I five games in a row! At least by the 5th game we made it into a fight down to the last ball. I’ve got to get in some practice!

Tonight the RV Park hosted a 50’s Sock Hop. I recall some early 60s Sock Hops, and they were nothing like this. The “live band” was a couple who, I think, usually do country music, because there tended to be a twang to their music. The guy made a kazoo sound that he used in almost every song, under the impression that it sounded like a horn section. They couldn’t keep a steady rhythm, even though they were using recorded music. And they had a very odd idea of what music was played at a Sock Hop - they played everything from Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood” to “Something” by George Harrison. . . although it took us awhile identify the Harrison song, since they sang it as a country ballad. Fortunately we sat at a table with friends so we were well entertained. It was a BYOB party, which that helped a lot! I participated in a hula hoop contest but it didn’t take me long to drop out.

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