December 2, 2009

I am really looking forward to Christmas in Arizona! But I also want to spend some time with my family in Illinois, so I'm going to take a few days to visit them now - as sort of a pre-Christmas present for us.

Randy will take over the Blog while I'm gone. I'll let him start by adding the text to go with this!

Last night was party night at the ole RV Park. Our theme was White Trash. Therefore, all the food, drink, costumes, decorations and games had to reflect the theme. I must say it was amazing how well our little group here adapted. One might think that "White Trash" was in their blood.

Many showed up dressed appropriately. That is to say they fit the part well. If you look at the picture behind me you will notice Judy who showed up dressed in her Sunday go to Meetin clothes. We had one guy show up with "New" tatoos and a MoHawk. For the food we had saltines with Velveeta, Beans and weiners, grits, more beans, fried taters, tater tots, fried spam, spam burgers, pork rinds, french onion dip and generic cookies (I am sure I forgot something). Now be truthful, how many of you are watering at the mouth over our vittles!!!

For games we had a pumpkin seed spittin contest and a burpin contest. The pumpkin seed spittin contest was a lot of fun except we didn't get to it until it was dark. So, it was a real mystery as to who really won because we couldn't see the seeds fly. But, we still determined that Gary won First, Frank won second and Julie won third. On the burpin contest there was no doubt Judy won first, Dee won second and Susan won third (obviously we have some classy ladies here). Not only did all the folks have the honor of being the best in their field they also went home with some fine prizes. First place took home a can of Vienna Sausage and a can of potted meat, Second place took heme a can of soup and third received a package of Ramon noodles. Now you see why they practiced so hard to be the best.

So far the RV live has been pretty good. The trip out here was a great adventure and the park here is real nice. The other Workampers are alot of fun to be around and very helpful with information and ideas. It is quite amazing how many friendships we have made already. It has also been good for the dogs. They have been placed in a situation where they can be aclimated to others and they have been doing a great job. Judy, our next door neighbor will be coming over tomorrow to take the dogs out while I take Jackie to the airport. A month ago the dogs would not have allowed that. Now when Judy comes over they both run out to see her.

The weather here is great, though it has been cold a few mornings usually in the afternoon it warms up nicely. We have had a few days of blowing winds which kicks up the dust pretty bad. All in all it is great.

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