Monday December 7, 2009

Let's remember the soldiers who served in WWII and especially those that served and were unfortunate enough to be at Pearl Harbor this date so many years ago. My hat is off to all who have served in the military or who are currently serving.

Today is Sugarbaby's birthday. He is 8 years old. Man it seems to going fast. I don't know how long Pekinese dogs live but I know it won't be long enough.

There isn't much going on at the ole RV park today. It is overcast and looks like it will rain at any moment. Judy and Harry next door invited me over for Dinner. We had a homemade soup, corn bread muffins and a gooey butter type of cake. It was all very good.

The weather this evening has been awful. It is rainy, cold and very windy. Our electrical power went off at least 3 times. Thank goodness for battery backup and a big generator. All through the night it rained off and on and was very windy. I know there has been some damage in the park.

Well tomorrow I go to pick up Jackie from the airport.

Note: I am actually writing this on a different day because I didn't think to do it the other day.

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