December 20, 2009

Not much happening today. It is a little laid back. Went to church this morning here at the park. There is a group called Resort Ministries that provide ministers to parks through the season. They do a non-denominational service for the park community.

This afternoon was spent doing some cleaning and candy making. It seems like this place is always a mess. When you live in a small place anything out of place creates a mess. We are still trying to fit into this coach. Sometimes it feel like we will make it and then we buy something, oh say maybe a piece of gum, then you have to rearrange everything. (I may exaggerate some but it does not feel like much).

Tonight was the Workamper's Christmas party. We had a nice dinner of Salad, Spaghetti, Bread Sticks and Dessert. Jeannie, the park manager was the sponsor. We played a few games, had a visit from Santa and all in all had a good time.

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