A day off in Mt. Dora

By Saturday we were ready for a day off, so we drove to nearby Mt. Dora. I think Mt. Dora must be run by some smart people. They don't have anything amazing there but they still do a lively business as a tourist center. One way they do that is by all the festivals they put on through the year. The other way is their old downtown, which is almost all cute tourist shops. It's just a nice place to visit for a few hours.

At the edge of downtown is the historic John Donnelly house. I think he was famous for being rich, and he certainly built the right sort of house! It's so pretty that it's been kept in shape by various businesses, including the Masons who currently use it. 
We did a little shopping in the Tea and Spice Exchange, then went to the Magical Meat Boutique for lunch. It's a British-themed place, and they got the drinks spot-on:
They got the fish and chips right too, although I forgot that the fish we had in England were pretty  unseasoned and the chips were a bit soft. And the mushy peas were just OK, but that's how mushy peas are supposed to be. 
My little burger was great! British bacon is part of the loin and it's not fried crispy, but it's really good. 
After lunch we walked through a bunch of the stores but didn't buy anything more. I need to be careful I don't buy eveything I see; the house isn't that big! 

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