I think we forgot what retirement means...

It's hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot....really hot. All the jokes about the dry heat in Arizona are true - it's like an oven there - but in Florida, it's like a jungle. My glasses steam up every time I get out of the car and the humidity soaks through our clothes in no time. And we are celebrating this hot spell by working outside! There have been several owners of this home, and each one added stuff like cable, Dish and Direct TV, without taking out the previous stuff. So Randy moved the bricks out of the way and started pulling out old wires. We got a big black trash bag full of the junk before he quit, but there may be more. The bricks don't support the house, they are there to keep big critters from making a nest there. Little critters, of course, can slip right in.
It's not enough that we have our own yard to attend to - we are also working on our neighbor's yard. Joe is a sweetheart who is recovering from some health issues, and he hasn't been able to attend his yard recently. His palm tree is dropping ripe fruit on our shared lawn, which will attract bugs and possibly bears. There really are bears here; Donna saw a mama bear and her cub in the park this week. So we offered to trim the tree and clean up the fruit. 
A few days ago Randy cut the dead branches out, and today he got shaped the tree and cut out the fruit and seed pods. The day may come when we don't have 10 bags of yard waste on trash day, but today is not that day. (And trash day comes twice a week).

But we closed the day with dinner at Pete and Donna's, and another round of Mexican Train dominoes, so that makes up for a lot. 

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